Keepin' Things Sharp !

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Welcome to Blade Sharpening Service!

This is a small company with quality service.

Professional Hands on Experience. We take Pride in what we... SHARPEN !

We don't grind your Clipper Blades and Scissors. We polish them with an Accurate Clipper Blades Sharpening machine and Scissors machine. That is to insure that your blades and scissors are at the RIGHT angle to meet Factory Specifications and longer life for the Clipper Blades and Scissors. We only use professional equipment shown in the photos below:


Blades are disassembled, sharpen, cleaned, checked for worn parts. Then reassembled and checked for proper tension and alignment and tested. They are then oiled and packed for shipping.

I do TEST everything before it leaves the shop!

For shipping, place all orders in a small box wrapped in newspaper or a padded envelope.

Wrap Blades Separately so they will not hit each other.

I can not guarantee the orders will not get damaged if pack improperly.

Remember, you can go to Click-N-Ship to ship from your home. No more going to post office.

I highly suggest the insurance, We are not responsible for lost or damaged items after We turn them over to the USPS. If you elect not to buy the insurance we are NOT responsible for lost or damaged items after sending them back in the mail.


We also Repair Clippers. Oster, Wahl, Andis, Double K. We do not work on inexpensive clippers they are usually made in China and are disposable.


Clippers are fully disassembled and cleaned when serviced. All worn parts are checked and replaced if needed. We also test each clipper for accuracy before we ship.


Call for more Information(931)638-3158 leave a message if no answer and someone will return your call or  E-Mail


Mailing in is fast, dependable and safe. I sharpen the day I get them and ship back the next working day!


If you need Insurance coverage on your order the Fee is Extra. See Payment Method for details....

With in 7 days, if for some reason you are not happy with Sharpening or Repairs we will be happy to re-check/re-do the Service for you. No refunds for Shipping. You will have to pay for shipping back to us. No Exceptions.



Blade Sharpening Service
824 Major Rd
Cornersville TN 37047
Call Between 9am & 3:30pm Central Time


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