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Grooming Scissors

Scissors & Shears Tips

I am have been trained with the Wolff Industries to sharpen scissors and shears Professionally.I am useing the Twice as sharp equipment.                

Slecting the right angles is so important.
Shears are never to be sharpened at negative angles.
There is special angles for differnet type of scissors and shears.

Convex Blade:
On a Convex Blade the outside of a blade flows (rounded) into the cutting edge without an obvious bevel. This adds strength to the blade and cutting edge.


Corrugations are small teeth on the scissors cutting edge (one or both blades) that provide holding power to keep the material (hair, Fabic..etc) from sliding. These are found mostly on pet grooming or low price barber and beauty scissors.

Hollow Grind:
The inside of a hollow ground scissors blade, is concave or hollowed-out. This hollow-out area produces a lined inside edge which gives a smoother feeling cut. (Less metal to rub.) Most finer, high quality, Barber and beauty shears are ground this way.

The blades must cross one another (overlap) all the way to the tip to perform the cutting action.





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