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Wahl Models                        These are just a few of the Models.

Sharpen All Models                       

Wahl 1005 clipper blade                                                    

Wahl 1006 clipper blade

Wahl 1026-001

Wahl 1026-515

Wahl 1045 clipper blade

Wahl 1046 clipper blade

Wahl 2068-300 Peanut blade

Wahl 2070-100 blade

Wahl 2092-200 fine blade



We can not sharpen or repair the Wahl Moser Germany Blades and clippers as shown below. Wahl suggest buying new ones instead of resharpen blades. Also Whal Blades that have Plastic on them Such as some Wahl Peanut blades.



Here are some blades we sharpen. Top and Bottom blades are sets.


Please Send Sockets & Tension Spring with all Detachable Blades.


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